Chapter 1 - Do I have such a horrible face? (Note: I don’t)

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The Dukes daughter suddenly screams and faints after seeing my face.

Then splendidly falls backwards.

Wha, what’s hapeniiiing!?

“M, My lady!”

Naturally, butlers and maids are rushing in, creating a big uproar.

I’ll go to help too......actually, should I? She collapsed after seeing my face, I’m the cause of this aren’t I?

Is it ok for me to help?

But it is pretty much a gentleman’s duty.

If a prince of a country were to leave a collapsed lady alone, it would tarnish the honour of the royal family.

“Serea-san? Serea-san, what’s wrong?”

I rush over and kneel besides the lady.

Because she hit her head on the ground, even if it was grass, you can see the whites of her eyes, she’s twitching, and there is drool dripping from her mouth. Achaaa.

Beautiful, glossy, black hair that goes down to her waist, as for her face, I think it’s cute with nice features, but right now it became something pitiful.

In order to hide that horrible face, a maid quickly wiped her lips with a handkerchief, and used it to covered her.

“Shin-sama..... , my apologies your highness. It appears that the young lady isn’t feeling well today, um... the tea party will have to be rescheduled to a later date....

The butler is sweating profusely, while trying to smooth over this huge blunder.Well of course he is.

The talk about the engagement between me, the first prince and heir to the Midland royal family, and lady Serea, the daughter of Duke Colette is now in progress, we are using the upcoming marriage of my elder sister to the neighbouring country as an occasion to get engaged, today is our first meeting.

That being the case I am making a courtesy visit, I received an invitation to discretely come for a tea party and was told to only bring one servant, the location of our first meeting was set as the Duke’s villa in the royal capital.

The young lady is being carried into the villa in the butlers arms.

And the maids follow them while making a commotion.

The lady’s father, Duke Hurst Colette, bows his head and apologises while sweating profusely.

“My deepest apologies. I can’t even begin to apologise for this extreme discourtesy.”

“Please raise your head. The lady is still 10 years old. Sometimes people just become unwell right? Let’s reschedule the visit for another day. It can also be in the form of a visit to check up on how the lady is feeling. You really don’t have to apologise so much, I don’t really mind it.”

For a grown man to bow his head to the 10 year old me, no matter how much of a prince I am, I can’t let him do that.Or rather, please stop. It makes me uncomfortable.

“Um, my daughter, my daughter Serea, she doesn’t have any chronic illness, a frail constitution or anything of the sort. Nothing like this ever happened until today. Normally she is very healthy, uh, she is healthy but.... no, anyway this is the first time something like this ever happened.

“I understand. I will excuse myself for today. For now let the young lady rest, and stay by her side. Take good care of her, and tell her I’m looking forward to the day we meet again. Then if you’ll excuse me.

I excused myself as soon as I said that. While flustered, a maid of the Dukes family came to show me the way out.

I call out to the imperial knight Shreegan, who was waiting outside of the garden.

“Sorry for the wait, we are going back.”

Shreegan looks tough, strict and has a scary face, he became my personal guard this year, since the number of times I go out on official business has increased. His face looks very scary, but if you try talking to him you will see that he is a very interesting young man, we have a relationship where we always tease each other and mess around. If demons existed their faces would look something like that but when we are together, I can forget that I am the prince, when it’s just the two of us we have a carefree relationship.

“What happened Shin-sama, no matter how I look at it you came back too early.”

“Hey Shreegan, is my face that horrible?

“Ha? What are you talking about? If I had a face like Shin-sama, I would be very popular, and I’d be making a harem with beautiful women from all over the country. Shin-sama’s face is without a doubt the best in this country, you will become the biggest lady killer in the entire country, I guarantee it!

“ This guy.... thank you for that unflattering compliment Shreegan. A lady is with us, be more considerate at what comes out of your mouth.”

“Ah, pardon me. I’m Shin-sama’s imperial guard Shreegan. Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

After saying that, Shreegan, with a smile that no one other than me would be able to understand on his scary face, bowed to the maid.

“I sincerely apologise for today’s discourtesy. I am Serea-sama’s maid Bell. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. ”

...... This maid is completely unfazed. This is the first time I’ve seen a woman who isn’t scared after seeing Shreegans smile.

What’s goin’ on?”

The puzzled Shreegan asked the maid Bell, to which she replied “The young lady suddenly fell ill and consequently collapsed.”

“Well, take care of her. But for it to happen on this day at this timing, that’s some bad luck. If she was unwell, she shouldn’t have hesitated and just said so and we would’ve rescheduled. Our prince would have never been displeased by something like that.

“No, well...”

....... She screamed as soon as she saw my face and then collapsed, no way I can say something like that ........

“My lady screamed as soon as she saw his highness’ face and then collapsed.”You are gonna say it? You are going to say that!? This maid is really something!


Wait Shreegan, that reaction is a bit.... Don’t kick a person when he’s down.

“I sincerely apologise, as the young lady’s maid I once again offer my apology. I implore your highness not to abandon the young lady.”

“No, well... Of course I’m not going to do that. I mean, we still haven’t spoken a single word to each other.”

This maid who is talking about not abandoning without the slightest change in expression is kind of amazing.

“Miss maid, no miss Bell, our prince doesn’t have a face that would make a young lady scream right?”

I don’t need a follow up from you Shreegan. Can I tell you not to say that with that face of yours?

Right, from my perspective Shin-sama’s angelic appearance is lovely. It won’t be wrong to say that he will be very handsome in the future and make many women cry. If I were another 10 years younger I would have liked to be accepted into the lower rank of the harem.

“I know right.....”

........ Hey, why does everyone thing I’m going to be making a harem? Do I look like that kind of person? What in the world, what do I look like to them.

I’ve had enough.... Let’s just go back Shreegan.....

“Well then, if you’ll excuse me. I will come to check up on the lady at a later date.”

“Understood, thank you for your visit today.”

After saying that Bell bowed, and saw us off as we left the Duke’s villa behind.

“Shreegan, did you hear about what type of person Serea-san is?”

As we came to today’s tea party incognito, we came riding a small 2 person carriage. Shreegan is driving the carriage. It’s just the two of us now.

“I heard that she is a spoiled and selfish young lady, raised with tender care and born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but I’ve never seen a daughter of a noble who isn’t like that. Well isn’t she just a normal young lady?

She lived in the duchy, and since she rarely came to the Duke’s villa in the capital I had never met her before and know nothing about her. The way Shreegan frankly speaks without beating around the bush is what I like about him. His face is scary, but he is a man I can trust.

“That aside, did you see that!?”

I saw it..... She is a beautiful black haired girl, but it would be rude to say that I saw the young lady’s expression with her eyes rolled back after she collapsed.

“That maid wasn’t afraid of me!”

That’s what you are talking about!? Is that the most important thing!?

“Yeah, that was pretty unusual. That was the first woman that I’ve ever seen that’s not afraid of your face.”

It’s because she is the personal attendant of a young lady. She is probably got guts.

No wait, actually, any young lady would think that courageousness is not a trait fit for a maid.

“Doesn’t that mean I have a chance!?”

You are really something. You are thinking that just because she wasn’t scared of your face, how positive can you be?

What’s going through your head Shreegan? Today’s the day I came to meet my bride to be. We didn’t come here to find you a bride you know?”

“I’m looking for a woman who would become my wife 24 hours a day though.”

Yeah, yeah. If I were to say how unpopular Shreegan is, I would be thrown off the carriage, so I’m not going to say it.

“We’ll come again, right Shin-sama?”

“We will, promised I would after all.”

What’s the point of you looking forward to it? Will I end up having to come again and again? I’m getting a little worried.

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