I’m not going to do something like break off our engagement.

When I first met the dukes daughter of the same age, who was going to be my fiancée, she screamed and collapsed after seeing my face! Eeeeeeee!? Whyyyyy!?

You remembered? You are a villainess? You will be ruined because of my cheating? Even if you say that to the 10 year old me while crying.....You are terrible, me from that story.

The thing is, there should be a lot of things that can be done so that something like that doesn’t happen. Let’s think about it together! Come one, trust me.

This is a love story of a prince and villainess who, from the age of 10, go against the cruel fate of an otome game’s story while being lovey-dovey, and fighting against the compelling force of the game while flirting.

  • Author : Jupiter Studio / ジュピタースタジオ
  • Translator : Thrax
  • Genre: Romance Comedy Shounen Fantasy
  • Read original on Syosetu


Chapter 1 - Do I have such a horrible face? (Note: I don’t)

Uploaded on 2021-04-26

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Chapter 2 - Love and marriage are separate things.

Uploaded on 2021-05-03

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Chapter 3 - What is a villainess?

Uploaded on 2021-05-10

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Chapter 4 - You aren’t a man if you give up here

Uploaded on 2021-05-17

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Chapter 5 - We need to make a plan.

Uploaded on 2021-05-24

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Chapter 6 - We made a strategy guide!

Uploaded on 2021-06-03

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Chapter 7 - First official duty

Uploaded on 2021-06-07

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Chapter 8 - Day off in the royal capital

Uploaded on 2021-06-14

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Chapter 9 - Should he live, or should he die?

Uploaded on 2021-06-21

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Chapter 10 - Shall we dance?

Uploaded on 2021-06-28

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Chapter 11 - Near miss

Uploaded on 2021-07-07

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Chapter 12 - The game’s compelling force

Uploaded on 2021-07-12

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Chapter 13 - Vow

Uploaded on 2021-07-15

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Chapter 14 - The ten-year-old bride

Uploaded on 2021-07-19

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Chapter 15 - The prince is busy

Uploaded on 2021-07-27

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Chapter 16 - King’s birthday

Uploaded on 2021-08-16

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Chapter 17 - Knowledge from the villainess previous life

Uploaded on 2021-08-19

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Chapter 18 - Medical Reform

Uploaded on 2021-08-22

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Chapter 19 - Presentation

Uploaded on 2021-08-23

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Chapter 20 - Hayabusa’s errand” Picture show

Uploaded on 2021-10-11

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