Chapter 20 - Royal conference

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Finally, the royal conference has arrived.

I’m the last in line to give a presentation. Serea is sitting next to me on a sofa in front of the conference room, holding my hand and encouraging me.

“Your highness, it’s time.”

It’s finally my turn, so an official calls out to me. I grab my sketchbook and stand up.

“Do your best, Shin-sama!”

“Leave it to me!”

I say that, but I’m honestly pretty nervous.

The large door opens, and I enter the royal conference room. The one sitting at the head of a large table is my father, His Majesty the king. Seated on the chairs on either of his sides are the ministers. The dukes and other important aristocratic figures are there as well.

Everyone looks surprised, but on the other hand my father is looking at me sternly with a very serious expression.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak with you today. My name is Shin, and I'm taking over from Her Highness Princess Saran as the director of the hospital and orphanage. I look forward to working with you.

I lowered my head and took a bow.

“Raise your head.”

With his Majesty’s permission, I stand up.

What is your business with us today?

I would like to propose the establishment of a beneficial method of hospital sanitation and the production of the necessary supplies.

“Very well, you may begin with your proposal.

“Thank you. Uh, gentlemen, have you ever heard the story about pouring strong alcohol on a wound sustained in a battle to make it heal better?”

The effect of disinfection is due to the alcohol content of the drink.

When tested in a hospital, it was effective and prevented more than half of the injuries from worsening in the post-operative period. In addition, it’s not only for hospitals, orphanages can prevent food poisoning by using these disinfectants in the kitchen when cooking. But using spirits is inefficient and expensive, so we need high-purity alcohol that can be made cheaply.

High-purity alcohol can be made using the same process used to make spirits. But since it is not intended to be drunk, it can be made from inexpensive crops, scraps of fruits and vegetables that cannot be used as products, and the dregs of squeezed sugar radish.

It can be produced using existing brewing facilities, and It can be commercialized and produced in large quantities to improve the sanitary conditions of the people. If it is established as a medical tool, it could become an export industry for our country in the future," I explained while flipping through a large sketchbook.

Some of the sketches drawn by Serea and me using crayons were well drawn, while others not so much, there were also some dodgy graphs that got a few laughs during the presentation.

To use alcohol in medicine...... That’s a pretty impressive idea.

“Splendid. Well done in putting all of that together by yourselves.”

“You wouldn’t think that this is something an 11 year old put together...... Ah no, excuse me, but this is real right?”

“I believe further research is needed to determine the effectiveness of high purity alcohol, however that isn’t something that needs to be done right away. The problem is that this undertaking would require more funds than the royal family can move by itself, so I would like to request that you approve a smaller upfront investment, and if satisfactory results are shown down the line then I think further investments should be approved.

Those are under my jurisdiction as Minister of Health and Welfare, but the procurement of crops is under the jurisdiction of the Minister of Agriculture and the brewing of alcohol is under the jurisdiction of the Minister of Industry.

“I am aware of that, and so I would very much appreciate the cooperation of all three of you. It will surely help save the lives of the people, improve the treatment of injuries and further help in preventing diseases.”



His majesty looks at me sternly.

“If this venture goes well, the ministers will get all of the credit, but if it ends in failure, it will be the failure of the prince, are you willing to go through this even knowing that?

Yes, sir. What is important is the health and lives of the people.

“......Your majesty. How sly do you think we are? Even we wouldn’t go as far as to take credit for the work of an eleven-year-old child.”

When the Minister of Health and Welfare says so, everyone bursts out laughing, relaxing the atmosphere in the process.

“When this pure alcohol enters the market, there are bound to be some unscrupulous people who will use it to dilute their alcoholic drinks. We have to establish the needed laws in advance.

The Minister of Justice nods in agreement.

“This being medical alcohol and not liquor, we will also have to review the tax laws surrounding alcohol. We can’t impose the same taxes on it, so can an exemption be made Mr. Treasurer?”

“It can, but you do understand that money will be used for the investments, but it won’t bring any tax revenue back? Quite the conundrum is it not?”

Is what the Minister of Finance says, but conversely his face is showing a grin.

Don't be stingy. If injuries are healed faster and diseases are prevented, medical costs will be reduced, and the life expectancy and population of the nation will increase. Wouldn't that pay for itself that way?

I understand, but please commercialize it quickly so that we can export it to other countries. I’ll be counting on you.”

Well, it seems like almost all of the ministers will get involved with this in the end. I hadn’t thought that far ahead. They are all amazing. I think I finally understand why father had me come here.

“Well then, I take it there are no objections?”

“There is no way there would be...Using the prince was unfair Your Majesty.”

“You have it backwards, I am the one who is being used. If you have any complaints tell them to Shin.

Everyone bursts out laughing again.

Thank god! It looks like it’s going well.

“Well done Shin. You may step back and leave the rest to the adults. You should act your age a bit more you know...honestly...”

“Yes, thank you very much.”

Your Majesty, you were the one who told me to do it by myself, but you are making it look like I was the one who insisted on it. This must be what they call political posturing. I’m grateful, so I’ll leave it at that.

“Leave that sketchbook here.”

“Understood. Now then, if you will excuse me.”

After opening the doors to the conference room, and leaving I found Serea waiting for me there.

“Serea! I did it! It was all thanks to you!”

I picked her up and spun her in circles.


I heard laughter from behind me.


The door to the conference room was still open.

Later that afternoon, while we are having tea, miss Bell comes in to give her report.

“The Hans trading company... has now consolidated its operations and transitioned from being a restaurant to being a trading firm, it also has the full support of Baron Brover. It is steadily expanding and has increased the number of stores in the city by an additional three.

“Not bad......”

It’s a fried chicken restaurant. Miss heroine seems to be having steady successes. She seems to have added a new product called a ‘Chicken burger’, it’s basically a piece of chicken sandwiched in a bun. It seems it’s very popular.

“Additionally, they will be opening a new restaurant next week. It’s not going to be a chicken restaurant this time.”

“What kind of store will it be this time?”

“I’m not aware of the details, but there is one surprising thing about it. It will be open from as early as 7 a.m. to as late as 12 p.m.”

“Until midnight! They will be open that late?”

“That’s correct.”

......Is there a demand for that kind of store?

It could completely change the lifestyle of the citizens. That idea is really something!

“I believe that this will be just an experimental store, and I don’t expect it to gain immediate acceptance by the citizenry.”

“, it will, I’m sure of it.”

While surprised, Serea seems to be accepting of the idea.

After Miss Bell left she explained.

“It’s called a convenience store.”

What's a convenience store?"

“It’s a store that is supposed to be convenient to use.”

“Well, I guess it's convenient to be open from early morning to late at night, but what kind of products does it sell?

“A bit of everything. Not in large amounts, but everything from daily necessities to groceries.”

“There are stores for each of those things already.”

It makes it easier for customers because they don't have to go to many different stores, they can just go to that one store. Soap, toothbrushes, towels, stationery like pens and paper, snacks, drinks, condiments, alcohol, and boxed lunches ....... it has everything.

“With so many different types of merchandise, one store can only have a small number of each right?”

“Well, instead of having a large variety of products to choose from, like in a specialty store, they have a small selection of the bestselling items for each kind of product. In addition, it’s a little more expensive.”

“I wonder if people would really buy there?”

Are there really people who would pay more just because its more convenient?

In my world they are very popular, the streets are full of convenience stores. They are so prevalent in my world that they are putting the surrounding retailers and shopping districts out of business one after another.

“That’s....kind of scary.”

I feel like such stores will bring many problems.

Will it put the specialty stores out of business? Will people be able to offer comparable services? Wouldn’t that start a proverbial arms race? Moreover, only the bestselling items will be sold, and the number of people who will make money will be very limited. From the point of view of existing shops and businesses its a fiendish store.

I guess that also means it was the idea of Lins, the daughter of Hans Trading Company .......

“I’m sure of it. If they even start calling them ‘Convenience stores’, that would mean that they are using the words from my previous life.”

The heroine will have a steady stream of achievements using the knowledge of her past life. She could become a force that cannot be ignored. No, she probably fully intends to become one.

We must continue to keep a close watch on the Hans Trading Company.

“Let’s go and have another look at what’s going on when we go on our date next week.”

“......I think I’m a bit scared to go.”

Last time we actually saw the heroine with our own eyes, we almost collapsed, didn't we? Did it become a trauma for her?......

As for me, I also have the goal of confirming that I can safely look at the heroine now that I got married to Serea, this might become a bit of an adventure.

“In addition, I’ve promised the kids at the orphenage that I would do another picture show next week.”

“What kind of story are you going to do this time?”

I have to ask just in case. The stories Serea brings up can be a bit heretical in our world.

“Since ‘Hayabusa’s errand’ was so well received, I was wondering if ‘Moon world travel’ would be a good idea for next time.”

“It sure sounds interesting. Like a fairy tale. What is it about?

Apollo 11, launched from Cape Kennedy, USA, on a Saturn 5 rocket with a crew of three, first entered Earth orbit, then docked with the Eagle lander and headed for the Moon......”

Sorry, I don’t understand a word of what you are saying.

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