Chapter 6 - We made a strategy guide!

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“So, every time that girl gets bullied, I come to save her right?”

Not just you Shin-sama. There are events for each of the capture targets, that happen for different reasons.”

Yeah, I just cant get myself to like the term ‘capture targets’, but I cant be bothered to correct her anymore.

“Do I have to save her? Can’t I avoid it if I know about it happening in advance?”

I don’t know if you can, because of the compelling force of the game.

“Is that force so strong though?”

Well, I did end up engaged to you Shin-sama and I couldn’t avoid it at all.”

Please don’t say it like that, it makes me sad.

“That’s more so because you were born a noble, nothing you could have done about that. Falling in love freely and getting married to the person you love is a luxury only commoners have. It has nothing to do with the game.”

“Is that how it was? My apologies.

She quickly bowed her head.

“Moving on, in the heroine’s best end, you get condemned by me, have your rank stripped from you, get exiled from your home and end up living the rest of your life in a monastery.”


“And in the bad end?”

While mad with jealousy stab her with a knife, trying to kill her, and then I get killed by a guard on the spot. The heroine ends up being unable to marry the prince because of the wound I give her.

“I mean, I think you could avoid that even on your own. You just have to not stab her.”

“If that event doesn’t happen, the prince usually gets the unmarried end. It’s a bitter end. The two don’t manage to overcome their difference in status and end up single for the rest of their lives.”

“Damn, that’s a miserable end. What happens to you?”

“I get married off to a foreign country, then a revolt occurs there, and I get beheaded.”

Wow... ... What if she doesn’t get involved with me at all?

“In the case that the heroine doesn’t pay attention to the prince and sticks to the other capture targets a lot of things can happen, but in the end, I still end up getting condemned for being the ringleader behind her bullying. The prince ends up completely hating me, the engagement gets broken because I’m unfitting to be his fiancée and I either end up getting exiled or end up committing suicide. There is also the case where I get sick and die from a mental illness.”

“That’s horrible !!!”

No matter what happens it always ends tragically for her!

Just because she is the villain, that is the only kind of end she gets, that’s pretty cruel.

Doesn’t the heroine have a bad end!?”

“If she doesn’t end up in a relationship with anyone, and her grades are good, she continues to study at the royal academy and end up becoming a teacher.”

“What usually happens?”

“She goes with a subject she was good at, or with what she was doing for a part time job. For instance, if she is a good cook, she would work in a restaurant.”

“And there is nothing in particular she is good at?”

She would work as a caretaker in an orphanage or as a maid in the estate of a lower ranked noble. The same happens if she goes to university.

“She is pretty blessed......”

“You said it... If I could, I would rather live like that too.”

No, don’t give up yet, I’ll help you become the queen.

But how could you play such a game at the age of ten?

My nurse was like an older sister to me, and she loved that kind of thing, so we used to play that game together all the time. She used to tell me things like ‘Try this route, its very fun.’ or ‘Try dating that guy, you will see an unexpected side of him that will make your heart flutter!’. And so, I ended up doing all of the routes, in part because my hospitalization got prolonged.

...... A ten-year-old girl, who could die at any moment from her heavy illness. It would be a pity for her to die before she even got to know what love is. And so, thinking that, the nurse might have skipped her work in order to do take care of the girl in her own way......

“......And in the end, I fell for the prince.”

“You’re talking about me at the age of fifteen, after I get enrolled into the academy, right?”

He was kind, gentlemanly, he didn’t discriminate against me even though I was a commoner, he was smart, always the top of his class, he was great with the sword, and he always helped me......”

“What’s with that perfect superman...”

But the lonely look he had from time to time was heartrending, and the smile he showed only to me was so very affectionate.”

“Do I have to become a person like that? That’s a lot of pressure. And why do I look lonely?”

“Because he had an engagement that he didn’t want forced upon him by his parents, he only associated with his fiancée because it helped him avoid women who would come to bother him, and he never had a girl he liked. He was a man that never knew real love......”

“And that’s where the heroine comes in, right?”

“You’ve got that wrong prince, because in the game I was the heroine.”

As she says that she starts giggling.

This might be the first time I’m seeing her smiling face.

So cute. She looks just like any other ordinary girl.

I start laughing with her.

“The real Shin-sama is completely different. How should I put it, you don’t try to act cool like in the game.“

“I don’t want my future wife to like me for acting cool. I’m just being myself.”

“Shin-sama, you would always ‘You are just being yourself.’ to the heroine.”

Ah, that does sound like something I might say. No, I think I’d probably end up saying it for sure.

“......I think I could start liking you as you are now.”

Wait, did you hate me!? Did you hate me up until now!? Going by what you told me, you were totally in love with me in the game though!?”

That’s not what I mean. It’s not that I hated you, but in this world I’m not the heroine, and as the villainess who only has the destruction end waiting for her, I was scared of you Shin-sama......

Don’t be scared, I won’t let that happen to you. Now that I know all of this, there is no way for me to fall of the heroine. You can tell me anything from now on.

Yes, I will!”

“So, finally, about this capture target route thing......”

This is amazing. This setting is scarily well done.

Almost every person mentioned is a real person I know. Even down to the details about some people that she had no way of knowing about.

It just takes a little thing to make a story quickly diverge. It would be like having a book where if the reader tells the protagonist ‘do this’, he would actually do it and the story would change.

Almost like a prophetic book, if such a thing existed.

The people that thought up this game are really amazing. There is no way that she could have made it all up herself. I have no idea if other worlds exist, or if a game world exists, but I’m sure that the power of a large third party is involved.

I don’t know if it’s something like the power of god or of angels, but if things go according to the story, I will be more and more convinced each time it happens.

As one would expect, it became dark while we were busy. This isn’t something we can finish in one day after all, so let’s leave it at this for today.

“From now on, if you remember anything important, write it all down ok? As for me, I’ll take what we wrote about the prince route with me, read it, and if I notice anything I’ll ask you about it later.


“I’ll come again.”

“I’ll be waiting for you.”

You will be asked to come to the palace since your princess education will begin soon, so we will be able to meet each other then as well.”

That’s right, and I’m looking forward to it.”

“You are? Stuff like etiquette are so troublesome for me, even now...”

“Since I was very sick and could very rarely attend school I didn’t have many chances to study, so I’m happy I can do it now.”

“You should have had lessons as a daughter of a noble though?”

“That’s true, but the me back then hated studying.”

So that’s it. I heard that she is selfish and arrogant, but she became a very earnest and nice girl. Of the two I definitely prefer the current one.

“As for you......”

“Please call me Serea.”[TN-1]


She blushes slightly while grinning.

That’s so cute.

“Serea, you should think up some countermeasures against the destruction end too.

“I’ll do my best!”

When she says that, I go down on one knee, take her hand, kiss it and I get back up.

As for her she is beet red.

Earlier, you said that I was a lonely man who has never loved anyone.

“I’m sorry......”

“There is no need to worry about it anymore. I’m not a man who has never loved anyone anymore, and because I have you I’m not lonely either. I’ll definitely protect you. Well then, see you later.

When I left, I couldn’t find Shreegan anywhere, so I asked someone from the mansion, and they told me where he was. He was peeling potatoes for a potato stew with a maid in the kitchen.

“We are going back Shreegan.”

“Just a little, just a little longer.”

“I guess it can’t be helped, here let me help.”

I sit down next to him and start peeling potatoes with a kitchen knife.

“Thank you very much your highness.

This maid is utterly amazing!

Normally a maid would stop me right? She would say something like ‘How can you make a prince do something like this, unbelievable!’ to Shreegan and tell him to leave. I really can’t get a read on you miss Bell......

In the end I had to peal 20 bowls full of potatoes before leaving the mansion.

I’ll tell the butler about my next visit.

“From now on, I don’t need you to greet me or send me off, since I’m already part of this household now. Now if you’ll excuse me.”

“Yes, um... your highness...”


Since she met you your highness, the young lady has completely changed. She stopped being selfish, and started being a very kind to us servants, she has become a very sweet girl. It’s all thanks to your highness. All of us servants give you our thanks.

That kind of makes me happy.

It wasn’t my doing though.

[TN-1] For those who don’t know, in Japan its kind of a big thing to call someone by their first name, and its usually reserved for family and close friends. Basically, it means you are very close to that person.

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